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אודות שירותי תמלול

GALA'S Professional Transcription is an independent business that provides diverse transcription and content solutions for various needs professionally and with a guarantee.

Every project we carry out from small to large goes through a quality control process and is guaranteed to make necessary changes even after its completion.

We meet high standards of quality, accuracy in schedules, attention to every comma and word, reliability and complete transparency.

We are constantly updated and stay with our hand on the pulse when it comes to innovations, innovation and the most up-to-date technologies in the field.

During our work we use advanced software to filter and reduce background noise in recordings, special amplification for weak sound

And in some cases also in AI speech to text technologies, respectively according to the required language, the quality of the recording, the type and scope of the project.

We are devotedly committed to providing our customers with the best service, and continue to improve every day while striving for constant growth and development.

Why choose us?

המשימה שלנו תמלול

Our mission

We believe that providing content services should be accessible and convenient for the general public, fast and accurate. Our mission is to provide

Diverse content solutions in the most professional and efficient way.

We approach our work with dedication and commitment to provide content solutions in an accurate and customized way for each client, using the latest technologies in the field and in combination with carefully selected quality human capital.        

Our Services

We provide content solutions for various needs and do so within

Maximum adaptation to each client and project. Whether it is by legal transcription that helps in lawsuits to prove your righteousness, whether by transcription of qualitative studies in a way that organizes the materials so that they are more convenient for processing afterwards, whether by transcription of text and producing subtitles for videos of all types so that you can easily make them accessible to the general public,

Or if it is in the transcription of protocols for documentation and audit purposes. either way,

We get to be part of a process of producing and making content accessible to the general public and we do so with dedication and commitment, along with responsibility and integrity.  

שירותי תמלול
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