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Professional transcription & translation services. 
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Professional Translation & Transcription Services

Welcome to GALA'S Professional Translation & Transcript!  

If you're in a need for content solutions such as transcript, translation, captions & subtitles, you got to the right place. 

With years of experience, care and passion to what we do, we specialize in a professional transcription and translation services that is precise to your wants and needs.


Quality service, compliance

with a high standard

and maximum accuracy.


An attentive response to every need and submission

in short schedules.


Reliability, commitment to confidentiality and destruction of materials at the end of the work.


each reservation has a guarantee and undergoes a quality control process.

Some Of Our Clients

בין לקוחותינו המכללה האקדמית בית ברל
בין לקוחותינו אוניברסיטת חיפה
בין לקוחותינו מכון מופ"ת
בין לקוחותינו עמותת גושן
בין לקוחותינו מכללת ספיר
בין לקוחותינו מכללת רטר
בין לקוחותינו האוניברסיטה העברית בירושלים
Our Services

Our Services

At Gala's you will find transcript, translation, captions and subtitles solutions for every kind of your needs.

Our main goal is to provide multiple and diverse content solutions in the most efficient way possible.

Academic transcript

We provide academic service of transcribing interviews for qualitative research and for scientific purposes. We make sure that you will get the most clear, accurate and easy-to-process transcripts for your research.

תמלול ראיונות מחקר איכותני

Book transcription

Nowadays many authors use transcriptions services to turn their recorded thoughts into transcript that will be the fundamental material for

their book. We're here to make your unwritten book into a dream come true.

תמלול חוברות

Transcript of investigations

We provide transcription of audio and video recordings of investigations, with 

emphasis on word-for-word transcription that includes every stutter, tone of voice, gestures and body language in your recordings.

תמלול חקירות


We offer audio, video and documents translation services in a wide variety of languages for any need and purpose. Legal translation,

CV translation, technical translation, marketing translation and more.

Coworkers Talking on Video Conference

Legal transcript

With our legal transcription

services you will get your court recording produce into a professional, detailed 

and accurate transcript in a minimum amount of time. To get a quote asap, send us your recordings today. 

Lawyer and judge

Captions ִ& Subtitles

We provide captioning and subtitling services to expened your video's audience to people all around the world who speaks diffrent launguages, and to make it accesible for people with disabilities.

הפקת כתוביות לסרטונים

Transcript of protocols

We convert your audio and video to text in order to produce protocols of your arbitration, meetings, interviews, consultations, hearings, investor meetings,

public speeches and

many more.

תמלול פרוטוקולים

Foreign language transcription

All our transcription services are also available in a wide variety of languages across the globe. We pride ourselves of providing high quality, professional and accurate transcription services in

a fast turnaround time.

Country Flags
5% off all reservations for customers with disabilities

:How does It Work? In 3 steps

Send your recording\document & receive a quote

Confirm the quote & make a payment

 Get your complete order by email

תמלול הקלטה

Because with us you will get more. More value for money, high accuracy, confidentiality, availability, quality control process for each order plus order guarantee, faster turnaround times and affordable prices.

Still not sure? We welcome you to try us. Out of a desire for full transparency with our clients, we offer a short work sample for free without any obligation on your part. We believe in our quality, which is expressed in uncompromising professionalism, integrity and courteous service. Also, out of awareness of the sensitivity of the materials to which we are exposed, we offer an NDA for anyone interested. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and we will be happy to help.

Why you should choose us?

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"I highly recommend Gala's transcription services. I used their services for research purposes. Fast, accurate and well organized service, at unbeatable prices. I'm sure I will return to them in the future as well.
Thank you!!"

Dr. Matti Zakai-Moshiach,

Postdoctoral fellow at Beit-Berl College


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