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Transcription of videos

Video transcription service is a sought after and necessary service for many businesses. The main reasons for ordering this service are primarily for reasons of accessibility needs to the general public as well as for reasons of convenience for the audience watching the videos. Many choose to use transcription services for their videos and do so through professional transcribers who will do the work for them carefully.

Subtitle transcription is actually part of a broader process of subtitling. This process includes transcribing the text, scheduling and synchronizing the subtitles with the video file and finally, implementing the subtitles in the video.

Below is a sample video with subtitles produced for one of our clients:


In the video above you can see an example of producing subtitles, ie subtitles that have been assimilated, some have called it "burned",

On top of the video itself. This method of embedding the subtitles on the video makes it possible to make any use of it

Along with the subtitles after "burning" them on it. So for example if you are interested in using the video on multiple platforms and social networks, then this method is the most recommended and suitable for you. Another method is

Producing a subtitle file in SRT format, but without embedding the subtitle file on the video. This method involves transcribing the text, scheduling and synchronizing the subtitles and adding them along with the video file to the designated platform (youtube for example). In this method the subtitle file is basically separate from the video file and is not burned on it. This method

Known as superior in terms of organic promotion, but less recommended in terms of sharing across multiple platforms.


The question is sometimes asked what types of videos can and should be transcribed? Well, any type of video can be transcribed and subtitled. Starting from transcribing marketing videos, transcribing promotional videos,

Youtube video transcripts, webinar transcripts, online lesson transcripts, educational video transcripts, lecture transcripts, transcripts for movies and basically any video and video file that are intended for an audience.

If you also need a professional transcription service for videos and are looking for the right transcriptor

To do this, feel free to contact us today with the intended videos and any question and request.

We would love to hear from you and give attentive and quality service. With us, you will receive a courteous response, accompanied throughout the project from beginning to end, until you receive the final result of a professional transcript to your satisfaction.  

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