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Why choose us?


transparency.  We place great emphasis and importance on clarity and transparency towards the customer. This can be seen in a number of ways. First, we provide free sample short work to interested customers. You can send us an audio file and we will transcribe it for you in a few minutes so that you can get an idea of what the prepared transcript will look like, what its quality is and in general what to expect. In addition, we take care to coordinate expectations with the client before starting work in order to achieve satisfaction on his part with maximum transparency on our part. 


Discretion.  During our work we are exposed to classified and discreet materials that require maximum confidentiality. From an understanding of the sensitive materials we work with, we handle these materials in complete confidentiality and provide anyone who requires it with a declaration of confidentiality signed by us. The materials are stored at the end of the work on the project after receiving the customer's confirmation that he is satisfied with the final product.


Services . When choosing a transcription company to work with it is important to emphasize the issue of service. With us, you will receive courteous, fast and professional service throughout the entire project and work on it. Repairs are required and changes will be made at the customer's request until he is satisfied with the final result. Also, any emphasis, request and / or special comment will be taken into account while paying attention to all the details, from the smallest to the largest. 


reliability.  We stand behind our words. When we undertake to perform work, it means meeting deadlines set in advance by the parties, meeting customer requests regarding transcripts and meeting the agreed price. With us, what you ordered is what you will receive, unless you requested otherwise down the road (additions, changes, etc.). 


professionalism.  For us professionalism is the name of the game. We accompany our customers from the beginning to the end with professionalism, rigor and diligence. We are available for you for any question, request and / or comment, flexible and patient until you get a result that will lead to your satisfaction in the final work. 

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