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Copying Down

Common questions

How is pricing done?

We price works according to the cost per audio minute, in this way it is possible to know in advance the cost of the final work in advance. This is in contrast to a multi-page pricing method, in which it is possible to find out what the cost of the work is only after it has been completed and the prepared transcript has been received, which obscures the transparency of the cost and makes it uncertain. In addition, the quotation is made after weighting a number of other factors, including the number of speakers in the recording, its quality and duration.

What does the final product look like?

To see what the final product will look like you can get a free short work sample. In general it can be said that the transcripts are quite similar in their format in terms of line numbering, page numbering, size and font, but can differ in the appearance of the transcripts according to their type and according to the customer's requests and needs. For example, a legal transcript that requires adherence to pre-determined standards by the court may look different from an academic transcript in which the researcher decides and asks according to his needs what the transcript will look like, whether to omit certain stutters or reactions from the interviewer, or even emphasize intonation and emotion writing during transcription. (Anger, joy, raising a voice, etc.). 

How soon will I get the transcript ready?

Schedules vary depending on the size and urgency of the work. In general we strive to provide short schedules of several days, but urgent work can be done in less time for an additional fee (including work from one day to the next). When applying for a quote, an expectation will also be given in terms of the schedule for receiving the finished work.

Discreet recording material, is it possible to get a confidentiality statement?

We provide every customer who is interested in this with a confidentiality statement document signed by us. The document ensures complete discretion during our work on the recordings and also afterwards and retention of any information to which we will be exposed directly or indirectly during the work as well as archiving of all transcripts and recordings after receiving customer satisfaction approval of the final product.

How do I send the recording materials?

The recording materials can be sent to us in a number of ways, including: whatsapp , as an email attachment or in the Google Drive folder . You can also send large files via WeTransfer , jumbomail or sending registered mail

With a disc for particularly sensitive materials, or for those who prefer except in technological tampering.

How is the payment made?

Payment is made by bank transfer after the customer's approval of the price received and the pre-agreed schedule. Immediately after receiving the payment, a receipt will be issued and sent to the customer and the transcript work on the project will begin.

Is there a quality control on the transcripts?

Yes, each file undergoes quality control before submission. If there are still required repairs, they will be done at no extra cost.

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