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Transcription in foreign languages
Transcription of recordings, transcription of films and videos, transcription of interviews and courses in foreign languages

Transcription services in foreign languages are required in many cases, including academic transcription of international studies (studies in which countries from all over the world participate). Likewise, even in cases of creating content in a foreign language out of an interest in exposure to a wider target audience from different countries. If it is the transcription of marketing videos, the transcription of training videos, the transcription of lectures, the transcription of courses and more, which are intended for an audience that speaks foreign languages.

Many times people get confused between transcription in a foreign language and translation, but it is important to distinguish between the two because they are two different services. For example, if you have a Hebrew video for which you would like to produce English subtitles, in this case it is a translation from Hebrew to English and then a transcription of the English subtitles. So two services are required in this case, translation of the content and transcription. But if, for example, you have a video in English or another foreign language and you want its transcription in the same language, for example English subtitles for an English video, in this case it is a foreign language transcription.

Now that we have understood what transcription in foreign languages is, we will elaborate more on what is important to pay attention to in this type of transcription. First, when transcribing a foreign language, it is important that it be the native language of the transcriber, in order for him to be familiar with the intricacies of the language and in particular the terminology of the content he is transcribing. Second, a professional transcription must be accurate and faithful to the source, done with great care with full attention to the smallest details. However, there are cases in which the client's requirement is that the transcription will not be faithful to the source and will be edited, for example in the case of a recording in spoken Arabic that needs to be edited into literary Arabic after the transcription. In most cases, the requirements depend on what the transcript will be used for, whether for a lecture, for academic needs or for legal needs (where, for example, editing cannot be done according to law).

Finally, it is important to make sure ahead of time that the transcriptionist you choose will perform quality control on the transcripts and will provide a full guarantee if changes are required. In this way you can guarantee complete satisfaction with the service you will receive. So if you need a translation in foreign languages, you've come to the right place. You are invited to contact us today and receive an attractive price offer, quality transcription and courteous service.

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