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Transcript of investigations

When we come to transcribe investigations, we emphasize first and foremost the accuracy of the transcript and its fidelity to the recording. We are aware that interrogation recordings contain sensitive and classified materials in which every word is critical and essential to the interrogation and are therefore handled with the utmost care and maximum attention. Omission of a word or distortion during transcription has the ability to influence the meaning of the content of the investigation and as a result the fate of those involved in it, so the importance of accuracy here is necessary.

Another important issue in transcript investigations is the issue of discretion. Any transcriber who comes into contact during his work with such sensitive and classified materials, it is necessary to have complete discretion and it is desirable that he backs this up in a signed document that requires confidentiality. We provide a confidentiality statement signed by us to any customer who is interested in this without reservation. These two issues, accuracy and discretion, are cornerstones in working on transcripts of this type in particular and in working on transcripts in general.

In conclusion, choosing a professional transcription company can save you a lot of headache and give you the peace of mind that the transcription you need will be performed in a professional, accurate and discreet manner. When choosing a professional transcription company to perform a job, it is recommended to ask for a transcript, recommendations from previous clients and a confidentiality statement signed by them, all in order to make sure that you choose the right choice for you.  

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