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Legal transcript

Transcription is the act of transferring audio output to written text. There are different types of transcripts that meet the needs in different areas, in this article we will focus specifically on legal transcripts. When we have a recording that we are interested in presenting in court as evidence, we must extract a transcript from this recording so that we can submit it in court and that is exactly why we need a legal transcript.












In order for the transcript of the recording to serve as legal evidence in court there are a number of regulations that it will have to comply with. First, the transcript must be absolutely true to the original and submitted as required by the court. Second, an expert opinion statement must be attached to the transcript stating that the transcript was performed by a professional with experience in the field and specializes in transcription. In addition to complying with all the requirements of the Evidence Ordinance Law 1971 , it is important The provisions set out in the Wiretapping Law 1979 for it to be considered admissible in court. A person has the right to record a conversation in which he participates without the knowledge of the other interlocutor, but recording other speakers during a conversation without their knowledge by a third party is an offense. On the law

Therefore will not be considered admissible evidence in court. For a full article on the court's requirements regarding legal transcript and the conditions for submitting a transcript of a recording as evidence, click here .  

In conclusion, when a legal transcript is needed, you should contact a professional and reliable transcription company that will be able to perform the work in the most accurate manner and according to all the required regulations. Choosing the right company will make the process smooth and you can save the possibility of disqualifying important evidence in court following unprofessional transcription or non-compliance with regulations. For more details on legal transcripts and quotes, feel free to contact us today and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.


תמלול משפטי

האם התמלול מקצועי וקביל בבית משפט?

כן. כל תמליל הקלטה נעשה בקפידה ועובר בקרת איכות.

כמו כן, לכל תמליל מצורף תצהיר חוות דעת מומחה (אשר שווה ערך למתן עדות בבית משפט), וקביל בבית המשפט.

יתרה מזאת, במידה ולאחר קבלת התמליל שעבר בקרת איכות, יתקבלו הערות ו\או בקשות מצד הלקוח,

הן יבוצעו ללא תוספת עלות (בכפוף לכך שהתיקונים

אכן תואמים את מה שנשמע באופן ודאי וברור בהקלטה). למען הסר ספק, תיקונים יבוצעו רק אם המלל נשמע

באופן ודאי בהקלטה, כך שאם ישנה מילה שאינה ברורה לגמרי, היא תתומלל כ- (לא ברור) בהערת סוגריים. 


A Pasta Hack That Will Transport You to Rome

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A Pasta Hack That Will Transport You to Rome

Make this yours. Click here to edit the text and include any relevant information.

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